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Gunter a posted Jul 16, 16

Einherjar is closing its ESO chapter affective immediately.  Members who wish to remain in ESO and welcomed to do so.  Guri has the WoW chapter open in a casual way and you are welcome to play the new Legion expansion with them, continue playing ESO or join Bitaken in POTBS. I wish everyone the best of luck and God speed. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Camelot Unchained later this year or early next year.

Flying Apron I have 2 beta invites for Camelot Unchained available whenever CU enters Beta 1. (In April or May I am pretty sure.) Th...

Einherjar is stepping away from Teamspeak 3 for a while as we test out Discord!  So far, we find Discord to be a far superior application as it allows us to communicate effectively in-game, provides a chat feature to chill in and leave messages as well as a texting feature so we can contact members who are away from their PC's while maintaining their privacy (no cell number required).  It's also completely free, so there is that too!

Discord - an amazing application!  Download it today

Frondale I finally have discord working now but what info do I put into it to find you all?
Maxxima333 Do you use it on your phone? or in the background when you play? I don't want to alt tab, any trick to see it thr...
Kellan Discord FTW.

Thieves Guild is coming!

Gunter a posted Jan 22, 16


Einherjar has begun to make its long awaited return to the world of Elder Scrolls Online.  How far will this return go?  That remains to be seen however key Einherjar members (yes, Bitaken has come back!) have returned and the roster is growing daily.  If you are remotely interested in seeing how the game has changed, if you're bored of playing single player games or you just want to run with the old crew again; then log back in to your old character and join us!

Elder Scrolls Online is now a free to play MMO but it is recommended you get one month of ESO Plus as it will get you the DLC content (IC and Orsinium).  It also gets you 10% more gold and experience which helps catch you up to those that never left.  

Many of our members are online nightly and can help with any questions you have!

Maxxima333 This is great! I got so much help on the first day! it feels like a new game. I can't wait to follow the crown!

Well another year has come and gone and we at Einherjar would like to wish you all the best in the new year!  With the well wishes out of the way, we have some information to pass along.  

I have been slowly tweaking content on the site to make it more generic versus a specifically tailored feel (ala Elder Scrolls Online) and have replaced most game specific imagery with more broadened content.  Also gone are the skills overview spotlights which have been replaced with game or product driven spotlights highlighting items which appeal to not only members of Einherjar but many if not all, visitors.

I've also added a new section under the media link for twitch feeds.  Once our members start actively gaming again or if it happens before the "next big one", I'll move the the twitch feed front and center on the site to help garner site and personal interest in the game being broadcasted.

I hope to add even more content and revise some of the stale sections on the site with more content; continuing to make a unique and impressive experience for anyone who visits.

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