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It's been a crazy busy year for everyone in Einherjar but that isn't an excuse for not keeping things up to date around here.  First and foremost, Einherjar hasn't gone anywhere!  We are just on our typical "between game hiatus".  We have a few games that our sights are set on; namely Camelot Unchained.

Further to that, I will be slowly giving the site a facelift and deviate from the Elder Scrolls theme and designing something more geared towards a generic fantasy / Einherjar centric feel.  This will be a long process because I am quite busy (aka lazy lol).

For all our Military players...on this Veterans Day
Yukseven No madam, thank YOU.

Please be patient.

Sakyo a posted Aug 31, 14
The site is fully operational agaib but all the images/background settings aren't fixed yet. I didn't code the site so it will take me some time to get everything fixed.

Members Please........

Bletseri a posted Jul 16, 14
All members post your at username as your character name for TESO so it is easier to find and grant permissions in Enjin.     So we can keep a list and add them to your note in game so it is easier to contact you if we need to. 
Frondale Hi all Introducing myself as well as I would like to join the guild. I run with the toon Ocyn mainly as an add in to th ...
Henghayki My name is Henghayki, I'm Scand's wife. He told me I needed to post on this site to introduce myself and I.m not able to ...
Enzyme I don't have permission to view the link, so I'll post here as well: @Bro_Enzyme - Distilled
Update your TS3 to prevent any issues :)
kornax hi, i don't login to the forums much. not even playing ESO anymore, but i wanted to hop on TS to talk to Bitaken. It sa ...
Bletseri a Fine....
Horb a No
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Praise Odin
Y'all need Jesus. Cleanse your Sins Mother F**kers
Kyle why are you in "other games" Why?????
We slayed a biT and had Yote as emp for over 24 hrs! Slay DC SLAY!
hi all, thanx for invite, blame Bitaken :sick:
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