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We are Daggerfall Covenant on the NA server... Wabbajack Campaign is our "home" battlefront...
There is a ton of information in our library section of the forums to help you along the way Check it out!
Also..when in game check out main tab of Guild info/history to see who is crafting what and new info...
Bletseri a Ha!
Gunter a I have come to realize that you really like your "........" Blet lol ...

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The Road Ahead

Gunter a posted Mar 17, 14
With the conclusion of this weekends beta, The Elder Scrolls Online has reached the final home stretch before Zenimax releases their highly anticipated MMORPG.  Einherjar is incredibly excited after having been in the beta for months and seeing the game come to fruition.  March 30th marks the day most of our guild will be beginning what we hope is a long campaign in the world of Tamriel.

The foundation is in place for a long and active guild with all key classes and crafts covered by our most active gamers, Einherjar has positioned itself to be incredibly successful.  We will be opening our doors shortly for more fresh blood who remember the glory days of Dark age of Camelot or even more recent gamers who just enjoy the Elder Scrolls franchise.  Keep an eye out for our recruiting drive!  See you in-game.
Guri ao Majority of us were Albs as well. Venor Ultimus, Knighthood of the Red Dragon/Phoenix Ascension to name a couple.
Dachampeau I am a fellow Iseult (Albion Player though) was in a guild called Final Revelation there. Send me a message if you ever ...

Happy Holidays!

Gunter a posted Dec 17, 13
Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!!  

A New Age ...

Gunter a posted Oct 4, 13
The site face lift has finally been completed (with exception to a few known issues) and I am proud to present the new Einherjar site.  I hope everyone enjoys the custom scripted navigation, header and complex coding that went into the design of the site.

Feel free to drop a line with your thoughts / comments!!
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Isn't that Volare's job?
Guri, have you figured everything out yet so I can start playing and know exactly what to do?
I'm going to have to feed my troops before I log on. Rocmarin will be on, ahead of me. LOL
See everyone at 0700est!
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